Meet the Founder


Robbie Reid founded orbz with a unique appreciation for the importance of a powerful burst of energy in all kinds of circumstances.  As a high-school valedictorian, an intensely-focused student-athlete playing both basketball and baseball at The University of Michigan, a professional basketball player in Europe, a New York financial analyst working brutal hours on Wall Street, a driven MBA student at Harvard, and a hedge fund analyst involved in millions of dollars of investment, he understands that there are times when you need an extra burst of energy to perform your best. But that extra push shouldn't come at the expense of doing harm to your body.  Robbie has one simple mission: to promote lives filled with healthy energy. And that extends beyond individual performance to helping create opportunities for others to have powerful, life-changing and high-energy experiences. That's why Robbie started orbz Opps, which provides balls, equipment, and other gear to local youth athletics programs to help low-income and disadvantaged kids. Find out more about the difference orbz Opps is making and how you can help.

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