orbz: What's in the name?

People have been wondering and inquiring about the peculiar name of orbz and it's selection and history.  Here's our chance to answer those questions.  orbz was carefully chosen as the name primarily for two main reasons:

First, the word orb, originally from the Latin root orbis, gained popularity in the early 1500's.  An orb meant something round and ball-shaped, and was usually used to reference heavenly bodies like the sun and the moon.  An orb was also a round ball of curious workmanship that was uniquely ornate and often made of the finest materials such as gold and precious stones.  Our orbz are spherical bodies in the same way, made of only the finest materials, and are constant reminders of the athletic balls we hope to provide to the disadvantaged youth who will benefit from our charity.

Second, an orb was a symbol of power and fairly administered justice by kings and queens and often attached to a staff and carried around on formal occasions.  Likewise, orbz are powerful and full of energy, and carried around by our partners and customers to their own special occasions.  We attempt to similarly be fair and just in our business and seek to comply with the highest legal and ethical standards.  We are conscience of our environmental footprint, and through our charity, orbz opps, we look to give back in the communities that support us.

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