Is there an ideal time to take orbz?

Any time you need a quick burst of energy and/or fresh breath would be a good time for orbz: whether you're working out, at the library or in the office, in a meeting, after a meal, and anytime you're headed out on the town.

How much caffeine does orbz have?

Each orbz has about 7mg of caffeine so you can dial in your exact dosage of desired energy. By comparison, a 12oz can of Coke has ~34mg, a Red Bull has ~80mg, a Rockstar has ~160mg, and a 16oz Starbucks coffee has ~200mg. So rather than just a one time, jittery boost, a cartridge of orbz allows you to maximize your value per unit of energy by spacing them throughout your day and week as needed!

How fast until I feel the energy?

We worked hard on our patent pending formula to hopefully give you the energy you need. You will most likely notice the intense peppermint flavor first, which should give you an immediate boost. The additional energy benefits may also hit you quicker than expected because orbz dissolve in your mouth. This allows for sublingual absorption, which is quicker than if it just went through your digestive tract.

Do orbz contain any aspartame or sugar?

No way. Our main goal is to provide you with healthy energy, not those undesired ingredients

Is peppermint really all-natural?

Yep, 100%.

Is the cartridge recyclable?

Absolutely. We are always looking for ways to improve our operations to reduce our environmental footprint.

Is there a way for me to better follow and be
involved with orbz?

Yes! You can hit the links on this page to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. We are always updating our social media with engaging content and giveaways. Also, you can make a donation to orbz opportunities where 100% of your donations, like ours, go to helping kids.